Joint International Meeting Perspectives in Vascular Biology

Joint International Meeting Perspectives in Vascular Biology

26–28 September 2016 • Frankfurt, Germany

Abstract Submission

The abstract submission for the Joint International Meeting Perspectives in Vascular Biology is closed. Thank you for your actice support by submitting so much abstracts.

Late Abstracts
The official submission is closed. If you want to submit a poster anyway, please send your abstract directly to

It was possible to submit abstracts to the following main topics:
•    Leukocyte trafficking and extravasation
•    Neovaskularisation and angiogenesis
•    Endothelial biology and signalling
•    Cardiovascular regeneration and reconstruction
•    Clinical microcirculation, barrier function and vascular dynamics
•    Development and differentation
•    Microcirculation
•    Vascular Epigenetics
•    Control of vascular tone
•    Vascular Environment

Click here to get further information for the abstract submission.

Acception of abstract:
The programme committee will review the abstracts and notify the authors by the end of August once the presentation form (oral/poster) has been determined.

The presenting author must be a registered participant. Please note that the presenting author is not automatically registered by submitting an abstract. Regular registration is obligatory and binding and implies payment of the registration fee. For registration, please click here.

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